Hospitality Training

Crewlink has leveraged its extensive aviation related knowledge to develop a number of courses covering topics like service, safety & first aid aimed at the hospitality sector & other industries.

Crewlink makes use of its trainers who have vast knowledge to expand into training needs for the customer service and hospitality industry, offering hospitality training which incorporates theoretical and practical aspects of hospitality and tourism customer service. It also includes specialized courses for hospitals, individual organizations, schools and nurseries, play areas, and sport clubs.

Trainings Provided :

  • Introduction to Galileo ( Which will Include PNR Generation, availability, Coding / Decoding etc)
  • Selling Entries ( Sell tickets, Filling Optional Fields, Vendor Remark Field, Debit Notes etc)
  • Queues ( Notification of Airlines, Fare Display, Fare Quote etc)
  • Fare Guarantee Policies, Airlines Policies
  • Practice Exercises, LCC Carriers

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